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The time of metal grids and marred objects is gone. Paradox alarm systems at the best price protect your property from burglary with minimal investments.

Alarm systems have a very wide range of applications in technical protection from the smallest business and residential properties (houses, apartments, offices, summer cottages, manufacturing plants, warehouses, garages) to major business centers, currency exchange offices, banks, schools, sports facilities, special purpose facilities, etc. The installation of alarms and alarm systems in the whole Serbia in recent years has been the most common form of security and control, primarily because of the good price of installation of alarms and its associated equipment. The protection of property is the main purpose of the alarm and the first line of defense against unauthorized access. It is ensured with the proper assessment of the security situation of the building and the analysis of all the possible ways of compromising the building and the property. The high reliability of the system is provided by a quality assortment of equipment, correct arrangement of elements, and also a vital element is the quality of alarm installation.

Paradox alarm systems guarantee a minimum of false alarms and are characterized by high production quality and years of reliable service. Choosing the Paradox alarm terminal shall be made in accordance with the way of using the building, security assessment, the number of zones (sensor-detector), or user requirements.

Why install Paradox alarm system?

• Preventive function of theft deterrence!
• Psychological effect on burglars!
• Alarms the surrounding!
• High degree of protection!
• Alarms the operative centre!
• Alerts sent to a private number!
• Increased level of security!
• Increased efficiency of the technical protection!
• Peace of mind!