Star Master | Gas pipelines and metering and regulation stations
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STAR MASTER video security system is applied to all the locations where it is not possible or cost- effective to secure the property by using people, such as gas pipelines and metering and regulation stations (shown on the picture) and all the other infrastructure systems operating on the guarded facility.


By providing video security service we give You the possibility of creating a safe environment for the employees. With our preventive actions we even avoid the damage from jumping out of the usage of the gas pipeline systems, and it is obvious that such damage is often bigger than the direct damage caused by theft.


We also secure the mentioned area frome any illegal activity even after working hours. By defining permissible and impermissible events, video security actively and immediately reacts and thus provides safety and order on the guarded area. Thanks to complete compatibility of technical equipment and staff any unwanted event is prevented.


Technical protection systems are individually or functionally connected video systems which are from the place of surveillance wirelessly or by the Internet transmitted to the monitoring center, where all the unexpected events are being processed and archived.


Thanks to complete compatibility of technical equipment and staff any unwanted event is prevented. Regardless of the challenges of different lighting conditions, the image quality is what makes Sony the best.


With over 40 years of experience in the development of CCD and CMOS sensors, our partner, Sony can show exceptional image quality even in the most severe conditions by using technology such as View-DR, XDNR, Advanced IR I Real Colour White Balance. Video monitoring centre services include management from the control centre 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and management of the protection-control centre as well as the permanent physical control over the built-in cameras in accordance with the regulations and standards.


Experience tells us that with the maximum excluding of the human factor, and with the usage of video security, there is a significant saving in cost of security, where the security itself is raised even up to 100%, while ensuring all the property located in the frame of cameras (100m at the angle of 90 degrees).


Taking care of safe business and the safety of workers, facilities and employees leave to us.