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Our alarm centre helps to respond immediately if something happens to the protected facility, with some help of smart sensors and technology. Movement detectors can locate potential intruders, and high-tech sensors can notice unseen threats such as the risks of flooding smoke detectors will trigger the alarm at the first sign of trouble.

Right after the alarm situation, Alarm Centre directs Patrol security team for emergency response to the threatened facility, at the same time informing the police and, if necessary, an ambulance or the fire brigade.

Alarm centre implies:

  • Risk assessment
  • Electronic anti-theft system equipped with visual and audible alarms
  • Embedding of selected alarm system and connection to the Operative Centre 24 hours a day / 7 days a week
  • Training of customers and giving usage instructions
  • Regular maintenance
  • Alarm centre monthly report


In Star Master, our mobile drivers are some of the most experienced employees and they can be at your disposal, so you can be sure that your homes and companies are safe and secure. We have equipped Patrol security with all the essential equipment to ensure reliable and quality service at all times.

Patrol security is monitored all the time from the master control centre, from where, on the indication of any criminal activity, they are sent to the endangered facility. Each criminal activity is accurately registered and recorded, and we will immediately notify the orderlies of the 991 service over our 24 – hour Operative Centre when it is necessary.


Video Centre offers a fully integrated security solution for different types of facilities by video protection. Our video monitoring center has trained and professional operators and our operators professionally monitor your facility 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The main task of the video centre is to prevent an unwanted event before it happens. Video centre and professional staff are constantly being monitored by our supervisor and there are even cameras which monitor the staff to ensure that the protocols are always being applied. Our video center uses its own video management software, with an algorithm which is designed to detect intruders and proactively stop the crimes.