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The future of IP surveillance surely lies in reorienting to the full HD resolution. The emphasis here is primarily on the increase of resolution and the number of mega pixels of these products, but is this really the most important factor when it comes to image quality? Excellent image quality can be achieved with the perfect balance of resolution, dynamic range and sensitivity.

• Preventive function of theft deterrence!
• Psychological effect on burglars!
• Alarms the surrounding!
• High degree of protection!
• Alarms the operative centre!
• Alerts sent to a private number
• Increased level of security!
• Increased efficiency of the technical protection!
• Peace of mind!

High resolution is necessary for the efficient identification and coverage of areas under surveillance. We can use the opportunities of the digital zoom to enlarge the area either before or after the recording, and we can see more details in Full HD than with analog or SD cameras.

Resolution is often the first thing that manufacturers mention while talking about image quality. A higher resolution is relatively easy to achieve with the cameras so that the operator would be satisfied with the conditions with controlled light. However, with more demanding video surveillance, high resolution should give a clear picture in low light or high contrast conditions continuously 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

You should think about it – you can have the highest resolution in the world, but if the image is too dark to see all the details on it, the resolution is irrelevant. Sony offers an optimal balance of resolution, dynamic range and sensitivity for HD and full HD cameras