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“Star Master” LTD. from Kula is a company authorized by the manufacturer “SONY VIDEO SECURITY” as a certified partner for the sale and installation of Sony Security video equipment. Only by using equipment of such quality it is possible to cover large areas without employing extremely expensive doorman service. Technical protection systems are individually or functionally connected video systems which are from the place of surveillance wirelessly transmitted to the monitoring center, where all the unexpected events are being processed and archived.

In order to understand the ways of work and the measures and actions taken, it is necessary to clarify the functions which the monitoring centre undertakes:


  • The perceived perpetrator is immediately preventively alerted through a wireless audio transmission
  • If these measures do not bring the required results, motion detection and tracking of illegal actions of the perpetrator are being continued and the intervention patrol is being sent. It will act in accordance with pre-determined authorities, taking into account the personal security and the security of the protected facilities and the people in it.


By engaging the VIDEO CENTRE:


  • The client has a permanent partner in the protection of all the valuable things
  • The unnecessary costs of doormen workers are significantly reduced
  • The human factor is reduced to an insignificant percentage because everything is monitored by technical equipment
  • The analyzes and reports of observations are realistic and objective, while those of the doormen are significantly altered,
  • Practice has “confirmed” that the productivity of employees is unforeseeably raised when there is a video surveillance.
  • It is possible to ensure all the property located in the frame of cameras